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Limoncello & Violette Spritzer Recipe with…

Limoncello & Violette Spritzer Recipe with Healthy Probiotics

This limoncello & violette spritzer recipe is the perfect cocktail for your spring brunch! Not only does it blend bright spring flavors into a refreshing drink, it also contains the same natural probiotics that you find in raw apple cider vinegar.

Healthy cocktails anyone? This is my favorite go-to cocktail…

Healthy cocktails anyone? This is my favorite go-to cocktail recipe lately. It’s a snap to make and it contains apple cider vinegar! It’s a twist off a previous recipe – I use water instead of club soda and light agave syrup instead of simple syrup.

ACV + Vodka Cocktail Recipe

1 oz. New Amsterdam vodka
.5 oz. Bragg’s apple cider vinegar
.5 oz. organic light agave syrup
3 oz. filtered water
several dashes of bitters

Combine and shake or stir then serve over ice!

You can find the original version of this recipe here.

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