Lavender Body Scrubs

Method 1

In a glass jar mix together two cups of lavender baby oil with enough Epsom salts to fill the jar. Leave it to sit until the mixture is totally soaked together. Rub onto skin, being careful to avoid sensitive areas (the salt is rough) rub gently to exfoliate rough skin. Rinse with warm water. The salt will dissolve and the oils will soften the refreshed skin.

Method 2

In a glass jar mix together ½ cup liquid soap with 5 drops of lavender essential oil. Fill the jar with Epsom salts. When the fragrance has infused into the salts, rub onto the body. The lather will refresh and clean as the salts aid to remove all impurities and slough off dead skin.

(from Spells for the Lazy Witch by Deborah Ashe)