31 Days of Soap — Day 4: Solid Shampoo Bar


This was my first time making a solid shampoo bar. I’ve never used solid shampoo before, so I’m interested to see how I like it. I like the IDEA of using a solid shampoo bar; I’ve been hearing that all those parabens and sodium laurel sulfates are bad for your hair. Since I’m growing my hair out, I want it to be as healthy as possible.

This was also my first attempt at swirling. It didn’t go well. Earlier today I watched videos on how to swirl colors, to see where I went wrong. Apparently, you need to have not even really attained a visible trace when you start swirling. I waited until I had a HEAVY trace before I began swirling, which ended up just being gobs of color. Oh well, lesson learned.

So, here’s my recipe:

9.10 oz (258 g) Coconut Oil (76 degree)

8.00 oz (227 g) Palm Oil

5.10 oz (145 g) Castor Oil

2.30 oz (65 g) Hazelnut Oil

1.70 oz (48 g) Avocado Oil

1.10 oz (31 g) Jojoba Oil

1.10 oz (31 g) Cocoa Butter

0.60 oz (17 g) Shea Butter (unrefined)

9.0 oz (255 g) Distilled Water

4.01 oz (114 g) Sodium Hydroxide

1.15 oz Crafter’s Choice Shampure EO Blend

Hydrated Chrome Green

This recipe makes approximately 2.5 lbs. of soap.

Aside from the ridiculous looking “swirl,” everything seems to have come out okay. I’ll let you know more when I try it out. 🙂