Full Potential Summer!


The truth about the summer glow up is that it’s more internal than external. Don’t focus all your energy on being “hot”. Take time to figure out your goals, how to smash them and how to stop caring about what others think. Think about all the people we generally admire. They don’t care about what others think and they are just focused on their goals. This is the heart of the glow up. The reason we love Cardi B, Tiffany Haddish and freaking Rihanna (Jennifer Lawrence, Robert Downey Jr and even Liza Koshy apply too) is their attitude and their unapologetic approach to being themselves . So, spend the summer getting to know yourself and your personality. Spend the summer learning to be okay with, in the least, and happy with, ideally, yourself. Adjust accordingly. If you feel you need to be fit, learn how to do your makeup, practice your art, save money or anything else to achieve that, then do it! Don’t waste your time. The biggest regret we can all have is not using the time we have in the best way. This applies to productivity and fun. 

And remember, if anyone in your life makes you feel like who you are is unacceptable, drop them. It’s the summer of change and fake friends are toxic, so treat them as such. 

Now here are a few things you can put on your goal list to reach full potential you. Good luck xx

First things:

  • Identify your goals: Create a goal for each of these categories, either by giving them specific days to focus on them or a goal of a certain number of hours a day to work on these things. Write it all down.
  • Fitness and health related goals (One of mine is to go full vegetarian. Do you want to transition into being vegan? Do you plan on doing a sugar detox? Keto? Paleo?etc)
  • Creativity: Photography, Art, Music, Dance, Writing, whatever creative things you love doing, now is a good chance to get more practice, especially if you plan on making a job out of any of these. You could easily make Instagram accounts for all these things and gain recognition there!
  • Mind: It’s way too easy to spend every day watching tv and eating Oreos, but, don’t be lazy. Do something that makes you think. Take online classes, read, journal, learn things. Research whatever is in the news. Expand your mind. Spend less time mindlessly scrolling on Instagram and more time learning. When travelling  listen to podcasts or audio books.
  • Skin Care: Create a skincare regimen. Buy the products you need, set a schedule for various treatments and stick to it. In the summer you have time so use it wisely, don’t do your skin dirty and ignore it.
  • Self Care: It’s time to pay attention to your needs and wants. Think before you say yes or turn things down. Are you turning down extra hours at work because you hate it? Do you need the money? Are you spending too much money on junk? Are you avoiding getting your license or applying for a job because you’re scared. Yes, self care is important, but, too many of us use the term ‘self care’ as an excuse for us not to live up to our potential. Don’t be that person. Make a list of things that you need to do, goals you need to achieve, fears you should conquer and make your way through it. Use the summer to grow as a person rather than to let your fears rule you.
  • Fun: It is the summer, so have fun with your friends. Go out at night, go to parades, eat good food and go to concerts, swim, camp etc.

Now, here’s a list of some of my ideas you can do if you’re not sure what to put on your list:

  • Put my goals list somewhere I can easily see it. (Poster, Journal etc)
  • Do weekly evaluations on my life (Chances are, if I don’t want to evaluate, i’m doing something wrong)
  • Let go of toxic people and toxic feelings alike
  • Learn more about health, beauty, art and anything else that is useful to my life.
  • Exercise 4 days a week
  • Stop having meat 
  • Go on a sugar detox
  • Learn new healthy recipes
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day
  • Read a book every week (If I finish reading earlier, get another one)
  • Practice photography
  • Journal
  • Do a certificate course to bulk up CV
  • Do a face mask every Sunday and exfoliate every Wednesday 
  • Floss
  • Stretch before and after workouts
  • Work on my Instagram feed
  • Post consistently
  • Plan a weekend with friends
  • Go to a movie
  • Ask boss for a promotion(Ask boss what to do in order to get a promotion)
  • Leave the house every day(Even if it’s just for a walk)
  • Speak up for myself more
  • Dress well, feel confident(Put more effort into dressing comfortably but well because confidence is a huge battle of mine)
  • Get a notebook and fill it with inspirational sayings, from Cardi B to the bible. Read through this when I need strength.(If you guys want to see this let me know)
  • Also add in inspirational people, fictional or real who inspire me to work for what I want.(If you guys want to have that summer glow up, the best inspiration is other people who have had that glow up and who show you that it’s possible. If you want to get that job, find people who have gotten it, use their example as a sample blueprint and see what you can do to get it too)
  • Make new friends online and in person.
  • Be a better friend. Make sure i’m not neglecting anyone I care about.
  • Buy clothes that I need and some ‘feel good’ stuff too!
  • Save money for a holiday, gear etc.
  • Use positive affirmations. This will build confidence and that’s important because I’m me, no matter what. So, being happy with me is vital.
  • Take chances. Try new things when I have the opportunity to.
  • “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” Stop being too shy to ask for what I want.
  • Write more. 
  • Shoot my shot. The world won’t end if it doesn’t work.
  • Be more helpful at home. 
  • Appreciate what I have.
  • Dance more
  • Always try my best.
  • Try not to be idle, painting nails is still better than doing nothing. EDIT: I don’t mean that being idle is always a bad thing, but, if you’re anything like me, then sometimes whole days can pass by without doing anything productive. So, create a balance, split things up and don’t let the whole summer pass you by without actually getting anything done.