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Rose body scrub

I would reccomend this if you enjoy the smell of roses. The scrub not only smells great but it’s super cute. I love using this scrub before a day out in the sun or even a night out. The baby oil makes your skin so soft and there is a light fragrance of roses. I prefer using brown sugar instead of white simply because the brown sugar serves as a better scrubbing agent. White will do just fine, it will simply be less coarse against the skin. Dig en and enjoy!

What you’ll need:

• Rose petals from 2-3 roses
• 1 cup of sugar (Brown or White)
• 15ml baby oil or coconut oil
• A blender or food processor
•A jar to place the scrub in


Pour all the ingredients into the food processor and blend. Continue doing so until the ingredients are mixed well. Spoon the scrub into a jar and enjoy a rosy heaven.

**A little edit to this. These roses came from my garden not a florist so they weren’t sprayed with any pesticides or treated with anything that could be harmful to my skin ❤🌸